Method: Mentored by Allison Henry, balanced training with a lot of positive reinforcement is also my basis for training. Each dog learns differently and I recognize and appreciate the need of a variety of different tactics and forms of encouragement.
Tag line: Routine with consistency makes a happy dog!
Birthday: July 9th
Hobbies: Training & competing with her dogs as well as training service dogs is my passion. Also love outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, camping, frisbee golf & 4-wheeling
Pets: 3 Cane Corso’s, Nyxx, Adonis and Iris. Nyxx and I have competed in confirmation, rally, and obedience, we are very proud to have earned multiple titles together. We’ve recently begun agility and scent work and are excited to compete in barn hunting in the future! Adonis is my big lover boy who comes all the way from Serbia. Iris is the daughter of Nyxx and Adonis that i am training for Schutzhund.
Education: Conifer High School Graduate
Work Experience: I was a Dog Groomer for 18 years, with a shop of my own for 10 years, specializing in aggressive dogs and those that had previous negative experiences. My training experience started when I was 16 with service dogs for paraplegics and I am the first person to graduate from Conifer High School with a service dog in training! I have worked for private companies as well as kennels and other dog trainers. Allison (well known & long term dog trainer at Busters and throughout the state) has been my mentor getting back into training in Conifer. I have bred, trained and placed many dogs for service work and I especially love training dogs for special tasks such as opening doors, picking up dropped objects, balance training for unsteady people and pressure therapy. I have been breeding for 8 years. I look to breed the best of the breeds temperament and I take the time in properly preparing my puppies for their forever homes. I am so happy and proud of my continued passion for animals and the consistency, love and respect I will always put into them as I continue my career in the animal loving community!


Written by nancy on 08/19/2022