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Method: Holly uses reward based training to teach formal obedience and clear communication. Her firm obedience is an easy-to-understand way to provide boundaries, balance, mental stimulation, impulse control, and confidence. Having trained hundreds of dogs of varying age, size, breed and temperament, Holly is a skilled problem solver and thoroughly enjoys helping dog/handler teams achieve their goals.
Tag line: A well-behaved dog gets to  go more places, do more things, and have more fun!
Birthday: May 11th 1988
Hobbies: Training/competing in Schutzhund, hiking, camping, gardening, caring for animals.
Pets: 4 dogs (a Shepherd mix, a Lab mix, a Pit mix, and a working line German Shepherd), 2 cats, miniature goats and chickens
Education: Bachelors Degree in Communications from Bryant University, RI.
Work Experience: Dog Trainer at Come Sit Stay Littleton, instructing all levels of group classes, teaching private lessons, and training dogs in board and train program. Volunteer foster home for Evergreen Animal Protective League.


Method: Balanced training with lots of positive rewards to teach basic obedience that is easily understood by both dog and handler.
Tag Line: Everyone loves a well-behaved dog.
Birthday: August 11th
Hobbies: Hiking, Camping, Snowboarding, DIY projects.
Pets: Caleb GSD, Ramone Chihuahua/Shiba Inu Mix, Aberdeen a mutt of a cat.
Education: Bachelors in Animal Science with focus in Equine.
Work Experience: Veterinary Technician at VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. Horse Groomer at Arapahoe Park Racetrack. Kennel Manager & Assistant Dog Trainer at Come Sit Stay Pet Resort.  Owner of Adventure Awaits petsitting.


“When everybody is out to get you, paranoia is just good thinking.”

Birthday: Summertime
Hobbies: Hiking, appreciation of conceptual aspects of creative endeavors
Pets: Lucas, Beagle mix
Music: Symphonic metal, classic rock, various rock
What animal would you be? A Golden Eagle


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What animal would you be?
*Grooming Experience: Graduated grooming school in 2014


Allison Cell: 720-317-3188

Method: Specializing in humane dog obedience and canine behavior modification. The classes are fun and informative for the entire family. Allison uses the dogs’ natural instinct and drive to train them or in many cases, retrain them. She has dealt with almost every behavioral and training issue throughout her years and has had very good success rectifying the problem(s). She has been helping families of Denver, Colorado through her business, Canine Solutions since 1999.
Since 1988 Allison’s been training family dogs, search and rescue dogs, service dogs, high level obedience dogs, dual purpose police dogs (narcotics and patrol),schutzhund dogs (tracking, obedience and protection) and animal assisted therapy dogs.
Tag line: “If you treat your dog like a human, he has the right to treat you like a dog.”
Birthday: March 29
Hobbies: dog training/competitions (love it!), riding horses, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing – almost anything outdoors.
Pets: 1 young Dutch Shepherd named Nike. Nike is currently in training to compete at the highest levels of the dog sport, Schutzhund. She also has been started as a search and rescue human remains dog (cadaver dog).
Education: Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from Colorado State University and Level I Peace Officer, police academy – Arapahoe Community College.
Work Experience: *SPECIAL: Competed for Team USA at the Dutch Shepherd World Championship held in The Netherlands – Placed 15 out of 179 dogs! More experience includes Denver Dumb Friends League (Quebec shelter) – kennel manager, American Humane – animal emergency services coordinator, International Hearing Dog – kennel manager, Boulder Animal Control – Supervisor, Boulder Police Department – police officer, Park County Animal Evacuation Team – board member and team leader, Colorado Task Force I (FEMA) – canine urban search and rescue training assistant, recognized court expert in canine behavior– Denver, Jefferson, Clear Creek and Boulder counties, Delta Society – Animal assisted therapy dog handler, 4H dog obedience guest instructor – Jefferson and Park County and dog behavior evaluator/advisor/foster – Intermountain Humane Society, Evergreen Animal Protective League and Clear Creek Animal Rescue.



“If it is not right, do not do it; if it is not true, don’t say it.” – Marcus Aurelius
“Life’s a garden… dig it.” – Joe Dirt

Birthday: April 13th
Hobbies: Camping, hiking, ceramics, home canning, anything outside!
Pets: 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 turtle and fish
Music: Classic rock, 80’s and country
What animal would you be? Wild mustang


Birthday: April 15
Hobbies: Hiking, hula hooping, singing, camping, and fishing
Pets: 1 dog (pointer), 1 cat (sphynx)
Music: Oldies and bluegrass
What animal would you be? Hmmm… dolphin or fish
Grooming Experience: 9 years’ experience. I groom all breeds, and especially like terriers and other wire coated dogs. Great with poodles and doodles, too!


 “Success is liking what you do, and loving how you’re doing it!”

Birthday: August 27
Hobbies: Dancing, reading, hiking, concerts at Red Rocks!
Pets: Shepherd mix named Grizz and 2 frogs
Music: Love all kinds except rap – Led Zeppelin is a fav!
What animal would you be? Horse or a border collie…
Experience: Over 2 years’ experience, trained under a master groomer. I especially enjoy grooming doodles, goldens, maltese – any well behaved dog! lol


“If you look for the light you can often find it; if you look for the dark, that is all you’ll ever see.” – Uncle Iroh

Birthday: October 10
Hobbies: Visual art, plants, music, camping, belly dancing, anything fun/relaxing
Pets: Toast and Doom (crazy cats)
Music: Swing music, electro funk, belly dancing music, ska
What animal would you be? Octopus